January 01, 2011

Sweet Dreams

So many beautiful master bedrooms out there to glean from....

Frank Ropp via Room Lust

via Domino Magazine - oh how we miss you

 I love the neutral palette with just a splash of soft color.  via Velvet & Linen

 Emily Jenkins Followill via decorpad

Vanessa De Vargas via Lonny Mag

Max and Co via decorpad

I am not a big fan of the mirror above the bed, but other than that I think this bedroom from Elle Decor is beautiful and soothing.

More important things...

Happy New Year!  2011 is going to be great - I just know it!

It's hard to find the time to blog in general but lately it has been near impossible.  As we could have predicted, the construction on the upstairs has sucked up every free moment and ounce of energy for us.  Correction - for Mike.  Me - my time and energy has gone to one thing.  The baby growing inside of me.  Who knew a little 1 pound peanut could cause so much sickness and fatigue?!  I am 22 weeks along now and I have just finally regained some of my former life back.  I am once again able to keep food down and stay up past 9pm (barely).

The moment we learned we were pregnant I wanted to start decorating a cute nursery.  But first things, first - we have a bathroom and master bedroom to finish.  We're getting there.  More pics to come but here are a few to give you an idea of the scope of this "little" project.

After much talk and number crunching we decided rather than putting the bathroom into the existing blueprint of the upstairs, we would add another dormer and bump out some of the attic space.  It's a lot more work and expense, but in the end we won't be sacrificing any living space for the bathroom - which is a huge bonus.

 As you walk up the stairs the bathroom will be immediately on the left.  Thankfully we ended up with pretty clear skies during the two day roof demolition.

The man with the plan.

Renovation - not so pretty.  Our little boy - nothing but cute.

Getting bigger every day.  This is around week 20.


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