May 31, 2010

SATC Interiors

I saw Sex and the City 2 last night. First of all, the reviews were correct. The script, fashion, and basically the entire movie was terrible. And don't even get me started on the way they portrayed the Middle East!

But amongst it all, there was one beaming light - the set design.

I'm loving everything about this room. I especially like the sofa and art combo.

Lots of gorgeous wallpaper and drapery.

Isn't the mirror fantastic?

I still like Carrie's old apartment better though (which thankfully does make a brief cameo in the film). The new apartment is a little dark for my taste.

Photos from Elle Decor, casasugar and Alluminare

May 29, 2010

Best of the Best: Round Mirrors

About two years ago I was searching for a round mirror. Not a difficult task if you have unlimited funds but on a budget it proved near impossible. After several failed trips to Home Goods I settled for a square mirror from Target. Nowadays there are MANY more affordable options out there. Below are twelve favorite finds under $200. I am especially loving #2. I may even need to consider replacing mine.....

May 28, 2010


In my opinion, a well designed home is quite frivolous if you don’t fill it with friends, family and the occasional stranger for a soiree here and there. I love a good dinner party and this post by A Cup of Joe looks nothing short of fantastic. Sunday Suppers, as they are called, are cooking classes/fancy-schmancy dinner parties put on by the gracious hostess (photographer Karen Mordechai) and a guest chef who teaches all of the participants how to prepare the mouth-watering dishes. What a great idea! The most recent dinner was featured in Martha Stewart Living.

The Spread

Parting favors: Frankies Spuntino olive oil and a booklet with the recipes

All photos by Karen Mordechai

Joining the Blogosphere

Well, I’m about 8 years behind the time, but what the heck. Here’s my blog: Piccadilly Blue.

After purchasing our first home 15 months ago I became an avid reader/stalker of good design blogs. During the day I have a pretty cool gig as an event planner for a major theatre company in Minneapolis, but by night I peruse design magazines and websites. My husband on the other hand is a pastor by day and a wanna-be realtor on weekends. Between the two of us we are constantly doing something to improve our home. We get loads of compliments on our style (thanks all!) so I thought I would share a little bit of my obsession.

So …. if anyone other than my mom actually reads this, thanks for popping in. Hopefully you’ll find something inspiring here to make your house a home.

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